S.S. Stewart "Champion" presentation 5-string banjo, S/N 7501, Circa 1891

This beautiful banjo sold for $100 in 1891 when it was made, and is shown in several Stewart catalogs from that period.  Along with fancy engraved pearl inlay work all over the peghead and fingerboard, the banjo also featured an beautifully engraved rim with gold plated brackets, hooks, and nuts.  The heel carving extends all the way to the 8th fret, and includes a bird perched on a branch.  The back of the peghead is also nicely carved, and the tuners, tailpiece, and even the neck brace wedges are carved ivory.  The tuners have metal caps with inlaid garnets (one is missing). In addition, the inside of the rim is decorated with unusual wood marquetry.

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