"George Washburn" (by Cole) 5-string banjo, S/N 6, Circa 1900

During the period 1890-1913, Cole made a small number of banjos for Lyon & Healy which were sold under their premium Washburn label.  Whether these were made by Cole to have something to sell during times when Lyon & Healy was transitioning from one Washburn model line to the next, such as between the 1892 and 1896 models or between the 1896 and the 1914 "air condtioned" models, we can't be sure, but to date the only banjos found that were made by Cole and sold as Washburns were clones of the Cole model 3000 "man-in-the-moon" banjo.  This banjo is completely different, with elegant engraved inlays, multiple laminations under the fingerboard and peghead overlays, and a beautiful carved heel.  The hardware is typical Cole hardware from this period.

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