J.H. Buckbee "National Favorite" 5-string banjo, Circa 1895

Although the Buckbee Co. is credited with the manufacture of many banjos sold under other names including some of those sold by the Dobson brothers, it is rare to see one actually marked "manufactured by J.H. Buckbee, Co., NYC" as this one is via a very nice metal plaque on the dowel stick.   This banjo was advertised as the "National Favorite" in Fischer's catalog of the 1890's, though I don't know if that was Buckbee's designation or Fischer's, since it doesn't appear on the banjo. This is a high quality banjo with a rim spunover inside and out, very nice pearl and pewter inlay work, a backstrap, and an engraved stretcher band. It sold for $38.50 in the 1890's.

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