Banjos I Previously Owned

As a reference, banjos that once were in my collection but have been subsequently sold are listed here.  They are listed in random order, but are separated by 5-string or tenor and plectrum sections.

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5-String Banjos

        A.C. Fairbanks (by Vega) "Senator" 5-string banjo S/N 35542, Circa 1919

        Bacon “Professional FF-3” 5-string banjo S/N 6041, Circa 1920

        "Celebrated Benary" 5-string banjo, Circa 1890

        Unmarked fretless banjo Circa 1880's

        Bruno 5-string banjo Circa 1900

        Carl Fischer 5-string banjo, Circa 1905

        C. E. Dobson 5-string banjo, Circa 1895

        W. A. Cole 5-string banjo, model 1500, S/N 4674, Circa 1897

        W. A. Cole 5-string banjo Circa 1900, S/N 6628

        Clifford-Essex 5-string banjo, Circa 1909

        Buckbee "Columbia" 5-string pony banjo Circa 1895

        A. C. Fairbanks “Fairbanks & Cole” 5-string banjo Circa 1891, S/N 1322

        A. C. Fairbanks "Fairbanks & Cole" 5-string banjo, S/N 0, Circa 1891

        L. B. Gatcomb 5-string banjo, S/N 1619, Circa 1888

        L. B. Gatcomb "The Monarch" model 22, 5-string banjo, S/N 2355, Circa 1889

        Lyon & Healy "Mystic" 5-string banjo, Circa 1890's

        Jas. Morrison (unmarked) 5-string banjo, Circa 1880's

        No-name (but almost certainly Rettburg & Lange) 5-string banjo Circa 1900

        Thompson & Odell "Artist" 5-string banjo, S/N 2149, Circa 1894

        George Washburn “Improved 1913” 5-string banjo model 530, S/N 3042, Circa 1913

        Weymann "Keystone State" 5-string banjo SN 15137, Circa 1917

        E. Perry Allen (NY) 5-string banjo Circa 1890's

        Wm. Karnolt 5-string banjo, Circa 1893

        Dewick 5-string banjo Circa 1915

        John C. Haynes “Bay State” 5-string banjo, model 317,Circa 1890

        John C. Haynes “Bay State” 5-string banjo, model 317,Circa 1890

        Jas. Morrison (unmarked) banjeaurine, Circa 1890

        Jas. Morrison (1882 patent) 5-string banjo, Circa 1880's

        J. H. Buckbee (unmarked) 5-string banjo, Circa 1895

        Sonntag "Parlor" 5-string banjo, S/N 459, Circa 1880's

        Bacon “Professional FF” 5-string banjo Circa 1915

        E. D. Lewis "Champion" 5-string banjo, Circa 1880's

        E.C. Dobson 5-string banjo, Circa 1890's

        S.S. Stewart “Acme Professional-University Glee” 5-string banjo, Circa 1900

        Bacon "Orchestra" No. 2 Special 5-string banjo, S/N 5716, Circa 1920

        "George Washburn" 5-string banjo, model 421, S/N 526, Circa 1892

        S.S. Stewart “Universal Favorite” No. 1, 5-string banjo, S/N 14955, Circa 1894

        J.B. Schall (unmarked) 5-string banjo Circa 1890

        George C. Dobson “Victor-Gem” 5-string banjo Circa 1880’s

        H.C. Dobson 6-string banjo Circa 1882

        S.S. Stewart’s Sons “4S” 5-string banjo, S/N 4806, Circa 1905

        Joseph Rickett 5-string banjo.  S/N 6827, Circa 1890’s

        S.S. Stewart "Universal Favorite" 5-string banjo, S/N 3338, Circa 1887

        George C. Dobson "Victor-Superior" 5-string banjo, Circa 1880's

        S.S. Stewart "Thoroughbred" No. 2, S/N 14694, Circa 1894

        A. A. Farland “Artist’s Grand" No.2, 5-string cello banjo Circa 1902

        S.S. Stewart “Special Thoroughbred”, No. 3, 5-string banjo, S/N 70868, Circa 1900

        Bacon "Professional Special Grand Concert", S/N 7252, Circa 1920

        L. B. Gatcomb “The Monarch” model 20, 5-string banjeaurine, S/N 6151, Circa 1890

        S.S. Stewart "Orchestra" No. 3 ,5-string banjo, S/N 13026, Circa 1893

        S.S. Stewart “Orchestra” No. 2, 5-string banjo, S/N 11773, Circa 1893

        Fairbanks & Cole fretless 5-string banjo, S/N 1944, Circa 1882

        A. C. Fairbanks "Special No. 4" 5-string banjo, S/N 21225, Circa 1901

        A. C. Fairbanks 5-string banjo, no S/N, Circa 1894

        J. H. Buckbee (Waldorf?) 5-string banjo, Circa 1895 (pearl fingerboard)

        Fairbanks & Cole “Imperial” 5-string banjo S/N 4604, Circa 1884

        S.S. Stewart "Champion" presentation 5-string banjo, S/N 14352, Circa 1894

         "The Pearl" (likely Rettberg & Lange) 5-string banjo Circa 1908 (pearl fingerboard)

        Clifford Essex “Special XX” 5-string banjo Circa 1915

        Lyon & Healy 5-string ladies' banjo Circa 1892

        B.E. Boyden "The Boyden" 5-string banjo, Circa 1891

        1492-1892 Columbus Quatracentennial 5-string Banjo Circa 1892

        Lyon & Healy "Professional" 5-string piccolo banjo model 913, Circa 1892

        Upcott fretless piccolo 6-string banjo, Circa 1870's

        "Luscomb" 5-string banjorette, Circa 1890



Tenor and Plectrum Banjos

        Ludwig "Ambassador" tenor banjo, S/N 1501, Circa 1924

        Ludwig "Ambassador" tenor banjo, S/N 2529, Circa 1926

        Washburn “Aristocrat Special” tenor banjo model 5183, S/N 13992,Circa 1928

        Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 3 tenor banjo, Circa 1923, S/N 11519

        Bacon & Day “Serenader Silver Bell” tenor banjo S/N 32225, Circa 1930’s

        Bacon Banjo Co. “Blue Ribbon Deluxe” tenor banjo S/N 8536, Circa 1920

        Bacon Banjo Co., "Bacon & Day Super Style A” plectrum banjo, S/N 12691 circa 1924

        "Langstile" No. 4 tenor banjo, Circa 1927

        Majestic tenor banjo Circa 1920's

        Orpheum #2 tenor banjo S/N 7021, circa 1915

        Orpheum No. 1 banjo mandolin, S/N 13486, Circa 1915

        Paramount Style B tenor banjo S/N 2031, Circa 1924

        Paramount Style C tenor banjo, Circa 1925

        Super Paramount “Artist Professional” plectrum banjo Circa 1932, S/N 201

        Vega Tubaphone Style X No. 9 tenor banjo Circa 1926, S/N 71770

        Van Eps tenor recording banjo S/N 440, Circa 1920

        Vega Tubaphone Deluxe tenor banjo Circa 1922, S/N 48487

        Vegaphone Artist plectrum banjo, S/N 74699, Circa 1927

        Weymann "Orchestra" No 2 tenor banjo, Circa 1926

        Weymann plectrum banjo No 4, Circa 1926

        Yosco No. 3 Plectrum Banjo, S/N 539, Circa 1920



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